One comment on “E-learning

  1. Mujenah

    1. Definition of technology education
    educational have the meaning of different each, every people. But at base him technology education that can launch, facilite, and streamline the way of learn, morethan anything else with existence of systematic design of curriculum and instruction as well as for modeling system, so that technological education this can include, coverdifine, develop and evaluate and finally can managing solutions to those problems involve in all aspects of human learning.
    2. Educational Media
    Educational media are seen as conduits or vehicles to deliver an instructional message to the leaner. He best medium is one which can deliver the massage with the highest degree. Because the best medium is one, hence Educational media this can improve, explanation, effective, efitive, ability teach an be free to learn student.
    3.Educational Media
    Educational media in see from explanation in to the, Edicational media many once usefulness, between other :
    A. Strengthen respon students and decant ability cognate, whese media in use to model, the cause for extension ability mental.
    B. Giving oppurtunity to student for control fast speed learn by self.
    C. Pay attention that student follow an attention which coheren and in control.
    D. Giving opportunity the existence of student partipation student active in good respon, in the form of answer selection, decision, attempt, etc.

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